Writing References Others

Academic Writing


7. Others

a. Government report:

National Institute of Mental Health. (1982). Television and behaviour: Ten years of scientific progress and implications for the eighties (DHHS Publication No. ADM82-1195). US Government Printing Office.

b. Publication with no date given:

Malachi, Z. (Ed.). (n.d.) Proceedings of the International Conference on Literary and Linguistic Computing. Faculty of Humanities, Tel Aviv University.

c. Unpublished dissertation or thesis:

Devins, G. M. (1981). Helplessness, depression, and mood in end-stage renal disease  [Unpublished doctoral dissertation]. McGill University, Montreal.

d. Unpublished conference paper:

Howarth, P. (1995, March). Phraseological standards in EAP [Paper presentation]. The British Association of Lecturers in English for Academic Purposes 13th Biennial Conference, Nottingham, UK.

e. Film or videotape:

Maas, J. B. (Producer), & Gluck, D. H. (Director). (1979). Deeper into hypnosis [Film]. Prentice Hall.

(In the main text, cite this as: (Maas, 1979))

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