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To spell a word that you can pronounce, the following may be useful: (Based on Gattegno, 1969, p. 115)


Sound Example Possible spellings
/i:/ see see, we, field, police, tea, key, people, scene, quay, amoeba, busy
/ɪ/ ship ship, savage, women, English, carriage, valley, mountain, village, foreign, always, coffee, lynch, guilt, sieve, busy, caesarian, chassis, Saturday, exhibit, forehead, chamois
/e/ bed bed, any, said, bread, says, guest, bury, leopard, leisure, friend
/æ/ bad bad, plaid, laugh, meringue
/ɑ:/ calm calm, father, heart, bazaar, sergeant, far
/ɒ/ pot pot, entree, bureaucracy, John, watch, cough, laurel, honest, knowledge
/ɔ:/ caught daughter, ball, board, paw, Paul, four, floor, port, extraordinary, awe, thought, broad, exhaust, exhort, war, bored
/ʊ/ put put, wood, woman, could
/u:/ boot boot, do, shoe, group, flew, blue, too, fruit, rude, through, rheumatism, manoeuvre, new , flu, two
/ʌ/ cut cut, some, does, blood, young
/ɜ:/ bird bird, burn, fern, worm, journal, earn, myrtle, err, conoisseur, colonel
/ə/ about about, fountain, physician, bureaucrat, parliament, purpose, luncheon, dangerous, nation, restaurant, autumn, the, sergeant, cupboard, actor, theatre, bigger, surprise, furniture, beggar, soldier, colour, chauffeur, guerrilla, collegiate
Sound Example Possible spellings
/eɪ/ late late, pay, great, vein, weigh, straight, they, gauge, gaol, caf, fianc�e, train, Gaelic, eh
/əʊ/ go go, note, sew, soap, soul, knowtoeoh, brooch, plateau, yeoman, mauve, owe, though, folk, depot
/aɪ/ like like, eye, lie, buyaye, dye, guide, high, height, aisle, I, myisle, either, fright,
/ɑʊ/ now now, house, plough, sauerkraut, hour
/ɔɪ/ boy boyoil, lawyer, buoy
/ɪə/ here here, appear, idea, fierce, beer, souvenir, weir, atmosphere, theory
/ɛə/ there there, hair, bare, bear, their, prayer, scarce, aerial, mayorheir, they’re
/ʊə/ poor poor, cure, tour, cruel, amateur
/eɪə/ player player, weigher
/əʊə/ lower lower, sewer, boa
/aɪə/ fire fire, buyer, dyer, tyre, higher, quiet, lion, giant, fiery, tyrant
/ɑʊə/ tower towerourhour, Howard, sauerkraut
/ɔɪə/ employer employer, lawyer, royal
Sound Example Possible spellings
/p/ pen pen, happen, shepherd, hope
/b/ back back, rubber, cube, raspberry
/t/ tea tea, little, Thomas, finished, yachtptarmigan, debt, late, cigarette, receipt, indict
/d/ day day, ladder, called, could, made, I‘d
/k/ key key, cat, school, biscuit, lock, occur, cheque, lough, talk, lacquer, khaki, quay, trekked, like, clique, saccharine, chocolate
/g/ go go, eggghost, leagueguard, blackguard
/ʧ/ chin chin, nature, watch, question, cello, Czech, righteous, niche
/ʤ/ jump jump, edge, soldier, age, exaggerate, gradual, adjust, sandwichgem, judgment
/f/ few few, coffee, coughphotograph, half, often, life, giraffe, sapphire
/v/ view view, of, Stephen, navvy, give, halves, I‘ve
/θ/ thin thin
/ð/ then then, bathe
/s/ soon soon, city, nicepsychology, science, passschism, listen, sword, promise, Pat‘s, oncepsalm, aquiesce, finesse, waltz
/z/ zero zero, is, scissors, anxiety, dazzle, lose, John‘s, seize, business, clothes
/ʃ/ she she, ocean, sugar, machine, education, tissue, fascism, fuchsia, conscious, tension, politician, schedule, appreciate, cache
/ʒ/ measure measure, rouge, vision, seizure, usual, equation
/h/ hot hot, whom
/m/ mat mat, lamb, hammer, autumn, calm, drachm, government, same, diaphragm, hymn, I‘m
/n/ in inknow, gnaw, sunny, pneumonia, mnemonic, kitten, certain, cotton, fine, sign, champagne, Wednesday, grandfather, Lincoln
/ŋ/ sung sung, sink, tongue, handkerchief
/l/ led led, ball, battle, pedal, tunnel, pale, gazelle, he‘ll
/r/ red red, marry, write, rhythm, diarrhoea, more, corps, mortgage, you‘re
/j/ yet yet, onion, Eurpoe, beauty, use, new, halleluja, strenuous, tortilla, queue, vacuum
/w/ wet wet, one, choir, queen, when, suite
/ks/ box box, accept, except, sticks, forks
/gz/ exist exist
/kʃ/ luxury luxury, anxious
/gʒ/ luxurious luxurious
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