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Text 4



Mr A Gillett
School of Combined Studies
University of Hertfordshire

Ref. 000055/4/50

Mobile Phone No: 07934297360

August 2003

Dear Mr Gillett,

A change to your O2 tariff

We’re writing to let you know in advance about a price change we are making to your O2 50 tariff. From October your O2 50 monthly subscription will change from £18 to £l 9 per month (inc VAT).

This new rate will appear on the first bill you receive after 1st October and will apply to your next full monthly subscription charged after 1st October 2003. We regret having to make this increase and would like to reassure you that all call charges and other terms and conditions for O2 50 remain the same.

With O2 50 you can still enjoy:

  • 50 Anytime minutes, including cross network calls worth up to £22.50 per month
  • 25 inclusive text messages per month
  • Call charges from 5p per minute

Send Texts from 4p.

Did you know you can send texts from as little as 4p to anyone in the UK* with O2 Message Bolt Ons?

If you’d like to review your tariff, or add a Bolt On to your account, contact your Customer Service team on 0870 111 7202.

Yours sincerely,


Deborah Cordless
Consumer Marketing Manager

O2 (UK) Limited Rgistered in England no. 1743099 Registered Office 260 Bath Road Slough SL1 4DX

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