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Academic Writing

Features of academic writing


Academic writing is well planned. It usually takes place after research and evaluation, according to a specific purpose and plan.

The following procedure is typical when writing an extended essay or assignment.

1. Read the question or brief and understand what you are required to do.

Think about the subject, the purpose and the audience.

2. Think about what you know about the subject.

Write it down in some way.

3. Go to the library or internet and find relevant books, articles or websites.
4. Find the books on your reading list – if you have one – and study them.
5. Make notes on these books and articles.

Record full details of the materials you use.

6. Organise your piece of work.
7. Type or write your first draft.
8. Discuss your first draft informally with friends, other members of your class and your lecturer if possible.
9. Revise your first draft, bearing in mind any comments that were made in your discussions.

Go back to 2. if necessary

Produce your second draft.

10. Proofread your draft.
11. Produce a final typed version.
12. Check everything.


See:  Process, Writing Genres; Research; and Evaluation.

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