Writing References Test

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Writing a list of references: Test

Write a list of references for an essay using the materials listed below. Show your answers to someone. If you are in one of my classes, e-mail the reference list to me.

  • This book, like many dictionaries, does not say who wrote it. The title is: Longman language activator, and it was published in 1993 by Longman in London.
  • This is an article in the journal: Applied linguistics. It was written in 2000 by Frank Boers. The title of the article is: Metaphor awareness and vocabulary retention. It was published in volume 21 and it is from page 553 to page 571.
  • This was published in 1987 in Oxford and is a book by Ann Malmah-Thomas. The title of the book is: “Classroom interaction” and the publisher was Oxford University press.
  • Someone called Dave Sperling wrote this web page and it is very useful. It was published on June 6th this year. The URL is: http://www.eslcafe.com and I copied some information from it for this exercise on Tuesday April 17th at 11.00 at night.
  • An article by Julio C. Giminez called: Business e-mail communications: Some emerging tendencies in register. It was published in 2000 in the journal English for Specific Purposes. It is on pages 237 to 252 in volume 19.
  • A book by Alison Wray, Kate Trotter and Aileen Bloomer written in 1998. The title is: Projects in linguistics. It is published by Arnold in London.
  • This newspaper article was written by Jon Henley in Paris. The title of the article is: Caroline suspect is wanted across Europe, and it was in the Guardian on page 2 on Monday April 16th, 2001.
  • A book written by Carol Chomsky, whose husband was professor of linguistics at MIT in Cambridge Massachusetts. It was written in 1969 and the title of the book is: The acquisition of syntax in children from 5 to 10. It was published by MIT.
  • A very well known book written by W F Mackey. It was called: Language teaching analysis. It was published in London by Longman. It was written in 1965 but it is still relevant.
  • We don’t know who wrote this newspaper article. It was in the Guardian newspaper on Monday April 16th this year. The title is: Precott prepares for new role. It is on page 2.
  • An article in a collection of articles edited by Dr. Martha C. Pennington. The title of the article is: A principled consideration of computers and reading in a sceond language, and it was written by Tom Cobb and Vance Stevens. It was on pages 115 to 136. The book of articles was called: The power of CALL, and it was published in 1996 by Athelstan in Houston, USA.
  • This nice book is called: Stylistics and the teaching of literature. It was written by Henry George Widdowson and published in 1975. Like all Widdowson’s books it was published by Oxford University Press in Oxford .
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