Grammar: Verbs – Examples

Grammar in EAP


5. Verb complementation – examples.

In English, verbs occur in different patterns. For example:

1 V -ing

The person is better able to start tackling his problems.

2 V to infinitive

Women in both categories have wanted to protect traditional professionalism.

3 V infinitive

The computer can help solve the problem.

4 V (that) sentence

The professor agreed (that) the project had possibilities.

5 V -ing

My supervisor hates me using that computer.

6 V n to infinitive

The court ordered the judge to accept the plea.

7 V infinitive

Last month saw inflation rise to 8%.

8 V (that) sentence

She told me (that) he planned to be away all night.

9 V -ed

He had to have the tooth extracted.

Examples of words which occur in these patterns.

1. V -ing

She started walking.

admit, allow, appreciate, attempt, avoid, begin, can’t bear, can’t help, can’t stand, carry on, cease, consider, continue, delay, deny, detest, dislike, enjoy, fancy, finish, forget, give up, go on, hate, imagine, intend, involve, keep, keep on, like, love, mind, miss, postpone, practise, prefer, propose, put off, recommend, regret, remember, resent, resist, risk, start, stop, suggest, try

2. V to infinitive

He expects to fly to Beijing soon.

agree, appear, arrange, ask, attempt, begin, can’t afford, can’t bear, care, choose, continue, dare, decide, expect, fail, forget, go on, happen, hate, hesitate, hope, intend, learn, like, love, manage, mean, need, neglect, offer, omit, plan, prefer, prepare, pretend, promise, propose, refuse, regret, remember, seem, start, stop, threaten, try, wait, want, wish, would like

3. V infinitive

You can help solve the problem.

He did not dare approach the great man.

dare, help, need

4. V that sentence

The president agreed that the project had possibilities.

admit, assume, believe, bet, consider, decide, deny, doubt, dream, expect, feel, find out, guess, hear, hope, know, pretend, realise, recommend, regret, say, suggest, suppose, think, understand

5. V n -ing

My husband hates me being a business woman.

anticipate, appreciate, avoid, catch, feel, find, hate, hear, imagine, leave, like, notice, observe, prevent, recall, resist, save, see, show, stop, watch

6. V n to infinitive

She persuaded him to leave.

advise, allow, ask, beg, challenge, can’t bear, cause, enable, encourage, expect, force, get, hate, help, invite, like, mean, nag, need, need, order, persuade, prefer, recommend, remind, teach, tell, want, warn, wish, would hate, would like

7. V n infinitive

She heard the man laugh.

You can make it happen.

feel, hear, let, make, notice, observe, see, watch

8. V n (that) sentence

She told me (that) he planned to be away all that night.

assure, bet, convince, guarantee, inform, persuade, promise, reassure, remind, satisfy, show, teach, tell, warn

9. V n -ed

He needed to have his tooth extracted.

I must get the car serviced.

feel, find, get, hear, keep, make, need, order, report, see, watch, want, would like

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