Writing Punctuation Test

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Punctuation: Test

Punctuate the following text. Show your answers to someone. If you are in one of my classes, e-mail the corrected text to me.

comparative studies of animals help to show how mans space requirements are influenced by his environment in animals we can observe the direction the rate and the extent of changes in behaviour that follow changes in space available to them as we can never hope to do in men for one thing by using animals it is possible to accelerate time since animal generations are relatively short a scientist can in forty years observe four hundred and forty generations of mice while he has in the same span of time seen only two generations of his own kind and of course he can be more detached about the fate of animals in addition animals dont rationalise their behaviour and thus obscure issues in their natural state they respond in an amazingly consistent manner so that it is possible to observe repeated and virtually identical performances by restricting our observations to the way animals handle space it is possible to learn an amazing amount that is translatable to human terms

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