Writing Checklist

Academic Writing

Check list

Here are some useful questions to ask yourself about your writing:

  1. Does your writing deal with the topic that was set?
  2. Does it answer the question/deal with the brief that was set?
  3. Is the the correct genre? i.e is it a report or an essay or a review?
  4. Does it cover all the main aspects and in sufficient depth?
  5. Is the content accurate and relevant?
  6. Is everything relevant to the topic?
  7. Is the material logically arranged?
  8. Have you used paragraphs well?
  9. Is each main point well supported by data, examples and argument?
  10. Is there a clear distinction between your ideas and those of other authors?
  11. Is your voice clear throughout?
  12. Have you acknowledged all the sources you have used?
  13. Is the length of the text right for its purpose?
  14. Have you considered your audience?
  15. Is it written in a suitable style?
  16. Is the grammar, punctuation and spelling acceptable?
  17. Is it neat and legibly written?
  18. Is it on time?

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