Reading: Introduction Exercise

Reading Skills for Academic Study

Introduction – Exercise

What sort of things do you read?

What do you read in English?

Read some of the following texts. There are 30 different written texts.

  • Try to identify the type of text. What TYPE of text is it?
  • Who is the text written for? Who is the AUDIENCE?
  • Why was the text written? What is its PURPOSE?
  • How is the text STRUCTURED?
  • What is your OPINION of the text? Which of the text types do you like reading? Which of them do you have to read (even if you don’t like reading them)? Which do you never read? Why?
  • Why do you usually read this kind of text? What is your usual OBJECTIVE when you read these texts?
  • And lastly, how does your purpose influence how you read? What METHOD do you use?
Text 1 Text 2 Text 3 Text 4 Text 5
Text 6 Text 7 Text 8 Text 9 Text 10
Text 11 Text 12 Text 13 Text 14 Text 15
Text 16 Text 17 Text 18 Text 19 Text 20
Text 21 Text 22 Text 23 Text 24 Text 25
Text 26 Text 27 Text 28 Text 29 Text 30

Click here for some suggested answers.

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