Speaking: Functions 7: Examples

Speaking in Academic Contexts

Rhetorical Functions in Academic Speaking: Giving examples

In academic speaking it is common to make generalisations. It is often useful to support these generalisations with examples.


Look at the way examples are given in the following texts.

The quiet outpouring of lava is characteristic of basaltic lavas with about 50 per cent silica. The Hawaiian volcanoes are typical examples. On the island of Hawaii, Mauna Loa rises 13, 675 feet above sea level and 20 miles away is Kilauea 4,000 feet high.

Though the authorities do not seem to have been aware of the scale and significance of capital flows within the sterling area, they were aware that the exchange controls in that area were not all that London hoped. For example, a major recipient of capital from the UK in this period, Australia, had notoriously “leaky” controls.

Morgan was not interested in the terms for themselves but in the principles which they seemed to reveal when they were put together. For example, he would have been interested in the fact that the English word “uncle” can be used in speaking both of one’s mother’s brother and one’s father’s brother while in Swedish, for instance, two different words are used.

To understanding this religious social consciousness, we require some grasp of the traditional Catholic teaching on the natural order and the good society, and how the nation is to respect the divine order established by God. We can see an example of this if we take the recent contraception controversy which began in the 1960s.

What socialism there has been among the catholic-nationalist tradition has always tended to be allied to republicanism, especially in the period 1913 to 1930 (Rumpf and Hepburn 1977: 13). The trade union movement was a case in point.

This was the situation which Morgan described for the Iroquois when several tribes get together, not any more on the basis of kinship or marriage, but on the basis of confederacy. This was exemplified by the league of the Iroquois which Morgan had studied in detail.

A key experiment shows this. A hole is made in the shell and a small cube of cells is carefully cut out from the posterior margin containing the polarizing region and grafted into the anterior margin of the limb bud of another embryo.

The explanation behind that paradox is once again the problem of the two uses of anthropology in their work. The rhetorical use they made of anthropologists’ ideas as a source for a criticism of the society of their time, especially as a criticism of the way institutions such as the family, marriage, and the status of women were seen as unchangeable and eternally fixed, is one which seems totally justified to present-day anthropologists.






For example,
For instance,

A key experiment



This is shown by the following examples,
The following are examples of this:
The following is a case in point:


is a case in point.


such as

the family

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