Speaking: Presentation Evaluation

Speaking in Academic Contexts

Presenting a seminar paper


Try this: Evaluate your last seminar presentation – ask a friend to help.

A General

1 What were the strengths of the presentation?

B Preparation

1 Was the objective clear?

2 Had you considered the audience?

3 Was the content relevant to the topic?

C Organisation

1 Comment on your introduction?

2 Did the presentation have a clear logical structure?

3 Did you conclude with a summary at the end of your talk?

D Delivery

1 What about your use of notes etc?

2 What about your use of visual aids?

3 Was the timing of the presentation well controlled?

4 What about the speed of speaking?

5 Could everyone hear?

6 What about the clarity of speaking?

7 Did you make eye contact with the listeners?

8 What about the your body language (posture, position etc.)?

E Discussion

1 How well did you deal with questions?

2 What kinds of participation were most frequent/useful?

F Language

1 If you had any difficulties in giving the talk, were they caused by:




G General

1 What do you need to improve for future seminars?


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