Accuracy: Check Exercise

Accuracy in EAP



Many people would say there was a “mistake” in each of the following sentences. Can you identify them? For each sentence, please do four things:

  • mark the faulty word or words;
  • briefly describe what is wrong;
  • try to write a correct or improved version;
  • decide how important the mistake is.
  1. A rentcharge is the right to receive an annual sum out of the income of land every year.
  2. All of the solutions considered so far have only involved Legendre functions of even order.
  3. Before spelling out exactly what this means, it is worth first asking whether translating machinery is necessarily irreversible.
  4. Being in charge, the accusation was particularly annoying to me.
  5. Finally, it enables the therapist to assess the effectiveness of his own clinical skills and, hopefully, to improve them in future.
  6. He is a former student who I’ve not seen for years.
  7. He is an unskilled labourer and works at odd jobs, but he don’t do any of them very well.
  8. However, there were other patients whose lives had ended by suicide.
  9. I have now discussed the proposals for replacing all the computers with my colleagues.
  10. It is felt that less people would be put off attending with other problems if the stigma of going to a clinic could be dispensed with.
  11. It is just possible that you are one of those rare people who has never seriously tried to diet.
  12. It may be open to challenge on certain grounds, i.e. if an emergency occurs.
  13. It was the community in it’s purest form.
  14. It was thought necessary to determine legally that someone had attained the age when they were allowed to marry.
  15. Jean Baptiste Lamarck (1744-1829) had supposed that the main cause of evolutionary change was because of the “inheritance of acquired character”.
  16. Kinship in these societies had to be completely different to what it was in capitalist society.
  17. No matter what he says, he has and will always be in charge.
  18. She could give a better response than that to I and to my friends.
  19. The category of killings which has come to be known as involuntary manslaughter hasn’t nothing to do with involuntariness.
  20. The committee has not announced their decision yet.
  21. The emphasis on revolution as ending every stage is, also, much more definately stated than in earlier works.
  22. The esential feature of these results has been amply confirmed.
  23. The experiment by Norcross (1958) which used a slightly different version of this procedure produced essentially the same outcome.
  24. The first really useful realization of the Lie algebra of the Geroch group, was formulated by Kinnersley and Chitre (1977, 1978a, b).
  25. The more aggressive technologies, those which need a great deal of energy and natural resources and cause extensive environmental pollution, represent a percentage of industrial production.
  26. Jones and Smith argues that the problem began in December 1942.
  27. At that time there were hardly any scholarly accounts of the period in question, the only really important biography was that of George V by Harold Nicolson.
  28. The task – one that involved pedalling on a stationery bicycle – was equally demanding at all times.
  29. They are, in fact, just the kind of thing the natural philosopher might be interested in.
  30. This has meant that elsewhere it has been very difficult to clearly assess the extent of the problem.
  31. Though he has generally been considered anti-intellectual and disinterested in art theory, at this stage of his career he shared the concerns of his fellows of the Petit Boulevard for principles of colour.
  32. When they were discussing the historical development which led to capitalism.

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